secret of the troublemakers was born of the time I've spent with a group of kids working to prevent climate change.  the compassionate kids were often the quiet kids. the brilliant kids were often too busy second guessing themselves to take action.  all the while, the rich get richer, our planet's situation gets more dire, and humanity becomes more fragmented.  what if those brilliant and sweet kids were more comfortable harnessing their passion and their compassion and turning it into real action?  what if we could still be sweethearts..but sweethearts who disrupt systems in real ways?   What if the idea that being called a  disruptor or an activist  is pejorative is a construct to keep us quiet and alone? What if we found joy in creating new and equitable and sustainable solutions to problems?  
I believe in all of those things because i've seen them with my own eyes.  i believe we can turn things around but that we need to be comfortable starting some trouble.  I believe that we have to be able to laugh as we work and that together we are stronger than we are apart.  i believe in troublemakers.