kristina headshot 2017.jpg

Kristina hulvershorn

is the author of Secret of the Troublemakers and a teacher, humane educator, and restorative justice circle keeper.  She has long been an activist and a person who aspires to be consistently kind, seeking to find how those two identities can coexist. she works to create a just and sustainable world through humane education, restorative justice, and various projects. She lives with her husband and her 6 children (2 human, 3 canine, and 1 feline).  

she...cuts her own hair, has a really hard time naming people and animals, is the greatest fan of her own jokes, loves kombucha, inherited a serious case of cheapskate-itis, fantasizes about flipping tables from time to time, gets along best with kids and animals, smiles often without noticing, is a terrible baker, has been a vegan over half of her life, is an excellent sleeper, believes in the goodness of all people, and above all has hope for a planet that is in trouble.