The Secret is out!!! (and a press release)

I wasn't sure this day would ever come...but it did and it is so sweet to share this story with others.
My book is out and you can easily get your paws on it right here!

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Kristina Hulvershorn


Troublemaking Teacher and Mom Pens Book to Inspire Young Troublemakers

Indianapolis, Indiana, 5-22-2018:  Secret of the Troublemakers, released 5-16-2018, is already making waves.  After her groundbreaking educational work with thousands of children, Kristina Hulvershorn, local Indianapolis author and educator, has captured her potent message in Secret of the Troublemakers.  The book, for ages 4+, reframes the traditional meaning of troublemaking and revolutionizes the way children view themselves and their ability to change the world for the better. 

“I was tired of watching children’s powerful light being dimmed so I wrote Secret of the Troublemakers to call them back home, into their rightful roles as influential changemakers.”  

-Kristina Hulvershorn, author Secret of the Troublemakers

Paired with intriguing artwork, this book taps into children’s natural compassion and ingenuity. It invites children in on a little known, but very powerful secret.  Teachers and parents love sharing it with their class to develop new understanding and common language. Adults and graduates love it as an inspiring send-off to go and do meaningful things. 

"Secret of the Troublemakers is a book for every spirited, compassionate, loving child who wants to make a difference. Not only will children love this book, with its intriguing and beguiling images and heartfelt call to be their most dedicated, caring selves, but parents and teachers will also be delighted by the movement of goodness it will inspire.”                  

 -Zoe Weil, Author of The World Becomes    What We Teach and Most Good Least Harm

Available on Amazon and upon request at local booksellers through Ingram.  
ISBN-13: 978-0692102442
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